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First of all, an important note for all visitors to the freegay chat.

Our web server is in Germany, and there are youth protection laws,
as well as all over the world.
We take the protection of minors very seriously and will carry out checks if there is any suspicion or indication.
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Please stick to your correct age!
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With us, if you're not 18 then there is no access.

We are pleased that you have found us since you were 18 years old.
We have set up many options that you can now use for free.
This enables the search for friends or a partner as well as for pictures or videos.
The following options are provided here.
1. Send invitation by email.
2. Save and send pictures and videos.
3. Forum
4. Blog for your profile, only possible from 5000 users.
5. Event calendar for your party.
6. Marketing side for your business.
7. New Web Cam Chat
8. Create your own page.
Now we wish you a lot of fun while chatting.


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